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The Torah Portion "Haye Sarah"

Summary: "Haye Sarah", literally the "Life of Sarah", opens with the passing of Sarah, mother of the Jewish people. Abraham purchases a cave in Hebron for her final resting place.

In the twilight of his life, Abraham, is now preoccupied with one concern: his son Isaac. G-d had repeatedly promised Abraham and Sarah that they would become the founders of a new faith and nation. But how, he wonders, can G-d's promise possibly come true if his son Isaac is still unmarried?! Abraham therefore decides to take matters into his own hands: He sends his trusted servant to the "old country" of Mesopotamia, to find a wife for Isaac. When the servant arrives in Mesopotamia, he wisely searches for a maiden who shows him the same generous hospitality Abraham and Sarah would show wayfarers who passed by their home.

One day, as he approaches a town, a young woman comes out to greet him with a pitcher of water. Indeed, the woman even offers to feed his camels! The servant understands this as a "Bashert" sign – i.e., that this woman may very well be the "intended one" for Abraham's son, Isaac. Indeed, the maiden, whose name is Rebecca, consents to travel to Canaan to meet Isaac! And as "good fortune" (literally, "Mazel Tov") would have it, Isaac and Rebecca fall in love and marry!

The Torah portion ends with the passing of Abraham, who is laid to his final rest alongside his beloved Sarah. Abraham and Sarah's burial place, located in Hebron, is still revered today, 4,000 years later.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Alvin Wainhaus

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