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This Week's The Torah Portion:

The Torah Portion this week is "Korah"

The grumbling and grousing of the Israelites has escalated into a full-blown mutiny! Korah, a respected leader, convinces a group of malcontents - including many of the most prominent leaders of Israel - to join him in confronting Moses and Aaron: "Moses! Aaron! You have assumed too much authority!" he bellows. "Has not G-d taught us that we are all equal before G-d? ...Who, then, appointed you? What gives you the right to exalt yourselves above us?!" Moses, crestfallen, attempts to reason with the rabble that surrounds him.

The uprising, however, is short lived. A heavenly sign soon appears, indicating that Moses and Aaron are indeed the divinely chosen leaders of Israel. The rebellion comes to naught, as Korah and his followers meet a catastrophic end.

In Jewish lore, Korah is viewed as the archetypal demagogue motivated not by idealism, but by egotism and self-interest.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Alvin Wainhaus

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Alvin Wainhaus

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