Welcome Back!

5 May 2021

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time coming but it's here...the opportunity to significantly relax the COVID-19 rules our synagogue has been operating under for the last 14 months. And we can take this step feeling comfortable that we are not prematurely elevating our infection risk to an unacceptable level.

The following procedures are effective immediately:

1. The synagogue office is still a restricted area with limited access. Entry will be determined by the office staff on a case-by-case basis.
2. Friday evening and Saturday morning services are open for attendance for up to 125 people (the maximum number allowed consistent with social distancing requirements).
3. Sunday morning minyan is open for attendance for up to 125 people.
4. Life cycle events are open for attendance for up to 125 people.
5. All services will also be available on Zoom or other video teleconferencing technology.
6. Masks are required and a minimum of 6' of social distance between people shall be observed.
7. People in the same household may sit together, i.e., the 6' social distance rule does not apply within the household. Family members not in the same household but in the same "COVID pod", e.g., a COVID social bubble or pandemic pod, may also sit together.
8. Singing and/or praying aloud is discouraged.
9. There will be no food service in the building. Limited food service may be available outside the building under the tent (when installed and weather permitting).
10. Temperatures will not be taken.
11. Attendees will be signed in after entering the building (contact tracing is still recommended).
12. The frequent use of the hand sanitizing stations is strongly encouraged.
13. Board, committee, and other group meetings or activities may be conducted in the building consistent with the rules listed above.
14. The building heating/cooling system blowers will be set to run continuously during services and meetings.
15. The folding wall will be open.
16. Commonly handled objects such as prayer books do not need to be quarantined after a service.
17. Following Friday evening and Saturday morning services, restrooms and chairs will receive a disinfectant spray and wipe-down. A thorough cleaning will be done on Monday mornings.
18. Following any other group meeting or activity, a thorough cleaning will be done consistent with the normal cleaning schedule.

Welcome back home!

Bob Spaulding

Synagogue President

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