Elections have consequences, both in Israel, and here in the United States. As Americans, we
have very little opportunity to affect the trajectory of our religious tradition in Israel.
However, that is about to change as we are being afforded a rare chance to do so right now,
one that comes along only every 5 years. As American Jews who care deeply about Israel, it's
time to make our voices heard.
We can vote to elect MERCAZ representatives to the World Zionist Congress where they will
champion the need for a vibrant pluralistic movement in Israel and specifically demonstrate
American support for the core values of religious pluralism, democracy and equality for all
Jews. Further details regarding the 2020 MERCAZ platform accompany this letter.
This opportunity is very short-lived. The Congress, scheduled to convene in October 2020 in
Jerusalem, meets only once every five years. This is our only opportunity to make a strong
showing in this election. And by doing so it will help secure leadership positions and influence
critical funding decisions for the future of the Conservative/Masorti movement. Your vote
for MERCAZ, the official slate of the Conservative movement could not be more important.
Voting is now open and closes on March 11, 2020, taking place primarily online. Paper
registration and ballot forms are also available. Follow these steps to cast your ballot for

1. Go to and fill out the registration form.
2. Once you click to start your ballot, you will be taken immediately to the official
voting site of the AZM . 1
3. Follow the instructions on the site completely and cast your ballot for MERCAZ
Slate #6.
4. Voting will require a small fee of $7.50 or $5 for those 25 and younger. Fees cover
the cost of the election and do not go to MERCAZ.
5. Once you've voted — remember to share and encourage others to Vote MERCAZ
Slate #6.
We are asking for a strong turnout from this congregation and encourage you to sign-up
family, friends, colleagues as well.
Please make sure your voice is heard! Vote today at
Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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