The Torah of Yoga

Tuesday, May 30, 7:30 pm, Shavuot, The Torah of Yoga with Sherri Sosensky, Torah-Yoga Teacher. Torah is the divine path to human healing and holiness. Shavuot, the night we met G-d on the 50th day after our Exodus from slavery, is traditionally seen as the moment we received the Torah. The custom arose, therefore, to devote that night to Torah study. On May 30th, Shavuot night, our Torah teacher will be Ms. Sherri Sosensky, a noted local Judaic-Yoga instructor. Her topic will be: The Torah of Yoga.

The evening will begin at 7:30 pm with a brief Shavuot service. At approximately 8:00 pm, we'll gather in the center of our sanctuary to engage in "Torah-Yoga". Sherri hopes to show us how we can align ourselves with the spirit of Torah by becoming "more patient, more present, more grounded & more grateful, through finding our breath".

NOTE: If you wish to participate while seated in a chair, or if you simply wish to observe, you're most welcome! No previous knowledge of yoga or Hebrew is necessary. Dress for comfort! Please, if possible, bring a yoga mat and a cushion to sit on. Sherri will bring some mats to share if needed. Following this hour-long session, all are warmly invited to remain for Blintzes, a traditional Shavuot food. Come; awaken both your soul and your senses! All Welcome

Mrs. Sherri Sosensky teaches Yoga (most famously to children)at the J.C.C. in Woodbridge. Feel free to review her website at:

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