The Kabbalah of Soul- Mates

We've all had the experience of encountering strangers who, inexplicably, made us feel as if we already "knew" them. Sometimes, such "chance" encounters have led to deep and lasting relationships, whether romantic or platonic. Kabbalah, the mystical branch of Judaism, teaches that these encounters may not have been "chance"
occurrences at all, but rather "Bashert", or meant to be. In fact, Kabbalah teaches us that "soul-mate" relationships may be re-incarnations of relationships that once existed in a past life. Are soul-mates sometimes sent to us for a specific purpose, for example to temporarily push us toward emotional and spiritual growth? Can two members of the same sex be platonic soul mates? Do soul-mates sometimes arrive at the "wrong time"? If matches are "made in heaven", can there be more than one heavenly match? Is there a "female" soul and a "male" soul?

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When: The Holiday of Shavuot: Saturday night,
June 11, 7:30 pm, following a very brief service.
Who: Justin C. Beck, local noted Kabbalah teacher, will present and lead a discussion.

Justin C. Beck, Adult Education Chairman at Congregation Beth El of Fairfield, was a Marketing Director for the Apple Company, Inc. The tragic passing of his wife, however, caused him to re-think the meaning of "success" in the modern world. After relinquishing the corporate "fast track", he embarked on a spiritual quest; one that ultimately led him to the Kabbalah. Mr. Beck is a noted Kabbalah teacher. His book, to be released this summer, is entitled, "Kabbalah Now".

Note: Shavuot celebrates the night, 50 days after Passover, when our freed ancestors met
G-d. That encounter produced the Torah. It is customary therefore, on the night of Shavuot, to renew our relationship with G-d by learning Torah.

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