The Kabbalah of Healing

Saturday morning, July 9, 10am-11am- This Shabbat morning, noted local Kabbalah teacher Justin C. Beck will lead a session devoted to "Kabbalistic Healing". The masters of the Kabbalah in every generation were known to have passed down methods for helping us access our deepest inner resources for wellness. Justin C. Beck, whose recent Kabbalah class at Congregation Or-Shalom enjoyed glowing praise, will teach us how we can employ these meditational methods for healing and recovery in oneself and in others. Following his one-hour session, all are warmly invited to remain for the final half hour of the traditional Saturday morning service, as well as the Kiddush-refreshments, which follow.

Justin C. Beck, Adult Education Chairman at Congregation Beth El of Fairfield, was Australia's Marketing Director for the Apple Company, Inc. A tragedy in his family, however, caused him to re-think the meaning of "success". After relinquishing the corporate "fast track", he embarked on a personal spiritual quest; one that ultimately led him to the Kabbalah. Justin's book, to be released this summer, is entitled, "Kabbalah Now".

               ALL WELCOME!

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