According to Biblical Law, rice, peas & beans are Kosher for Passover. But European/Ashkenazi Jews, i.e. most American Jews, prohibit them.  On the other hand, Sephardic Jews - i.e., Jews from Spain & the Middle East, permit them! Why? Come and learn the answer! In fact, come and TASTE Sephardic Passover dishes prepared by our Syrian chef extraordinaire, Aminah Alsaleh.  We'll sample a variety of Syrian– Jewish dishes (non-meat) in the context of a Shabbat evening service held in our social hall, as Syrian Chef Alsaleh & Rabbi Wainhaus explain them! Foods will include: Creamed, lemony spinach w/ chickpeas, Leek-fritters, Syrian Passover rice, Sephardic Haroseth, Syrian Passover rice pudding and of course... Halvah!

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