On May 30, Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, at 10am, a unique and moving ceremony will take place on the front lawn of our Synagogue. On that morning, we'll gather outdoors to read the names of family and friends of our community who have passed away during the past year.
A tree will be planted that morning, whose dedicatory plaque will read: "For all those we lost, since 2020, during the Covid-19 Pandemic." Lauren Seplowitz, who conceived the idea for this ceremony, explained: "We're painfully aware that the Covid-19 Pandemic has prevented us from fully reaching out and embracing members of our community who've lost loved ones during the past year. We hope that this ceremony will bring a loving "hug" to the bereaved in our community and convey to them that we are with them in their sorrow." Commenting on the symbolism of planting a tree, Rabbi Wainhaus remarked: "Leaves inevitably must fall from the tree that bore them; but the tree lives on. So too, does the One who brought us into this world endure and lovingly remember us after we depart this life."
This brief ceremony of remembrance and condolence is open to all.

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