Let's Get Real About the Annual Campaign

The Annual Campaign Committee asks that you search your hearts and your souls to please contribute as you see fit. Every contribution is important, no matter the size. Every contribution helps bring us closer to our goal, which this year is $36,000. Your contribution helps to keep the Synagogue financially secure and continue to provide the services for the community and Congregation, and is sincerely appreciated by all. If everyone contributes the same amount they did last year, we will make the budget (more is always appreciated). This year we are continuing to ask everyone to get your pledge in before the summer gets into full swing. Remember that you can spread your actual payments out - for now we are just looking for your pledge.

NOTE TO BUSINESS OWNERS: This year we are going to try something new. We are looking for corporate matching sponsors. For each corporate sponsor, we will run a matching campaign based on the funding level - this is a GREAT advertising opportunity. Your Company Name will get showcased in the appeal in all of our publications and we will also include an ad for your company in the advertising section. For most businesses, this will also make the contribution tax free - but check with your accountant. Please call the office and let Rachel know about your interest.

Thank you in advance for your participation and generous contributions.
The Annual Campaign Committee

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