Annual Campaign

The Or Shalom Annual Campaign FY2018/2019 is on!  The Annual Campaign is one way we help keep dues lower than other local congregations.  It allows us to distribute the financial burden voluntarily, to those that may be better able to afford it, in so doing lessening the burden on those who may be less able to do so.  Participating is indeed a mitzvah.  The Annual Campaign Committee asks that you search your hearts and your souls to please contribute as you see fit.  Every contribution is important.  Every contribution helps bring use closer to our goal, which this year is $36,000.  Your contribution helps to keep the synagogue financially secure and continue to provide the services for the community and congregation, and is sincerely appreciated by all. If everyone contributes the same amount they did last year, we will make the budget (more is always appreciated). Thank you in advance to your participation and generous contribution.

The Annual Campaign Committee

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