Adult Education Movie- " Raise The Roof"

On Holocaust Memorial Sunday, April 15th @ 4:00 pm , we'll honor the Jews of Europe as they lived, with the showing of the award-winning and much acclaimed film, "Raise the Roof".

Poland, home to the world's largest Jewish community before WWII, was the location of the magnificent "wooden synagogues" of the Yiddish-speaking world, completely destroyed by Nazi Germany. "Raise the Roof" documents the enormously heartening, remarkably successful world-wide effort to meticulously rebuild one of these wooden synagogues!
"What a spectacular tribute to a vanished and now partially recovered world." --Deborah Lipstadt, Holocaust Historian & Author

"...The best vengeance against evildoers is to restore the beauty that they thought they had destroyed forever." --Boston Globe

"Raise the Roof" is an 85-minute lively documentary, in English

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