A Summer Must See! "Shtisel"

Wednesday, July 10, 11am- 1pm, As strange as it sounds, "Shtisel", a show about people who are governed by strict Jewish law, has been the go-to entertainment of millions this past year! "Shtisel" is an Israeli made-for-TV drama that follows a widowed ultra-Orthodox man and his bachelor son who are both trying to find romantic love within the confines of their religious life. Why are so many people of all faiths talking about this show? Come and find out! "Binge-watch" its first two episodes at Or Shalom! ...Then consider staying for a brief discussion with Rabbi Wainhaus, who grew up in a "Shtisel-world."

"...This is groundbreaking television! 'Shtisel' is a beautiful, intelligent saga that just happens to be about an ultra- Orthodox family!" NY Times
"...Squint a little, and Elisheva could be a character out of Jane Austen— Which is one of the pleasures of watching this generous show ...Shtisel" casts a kind of spell!" The New Yorker
English Subtitles
Languages: Yiddish, Hebrew & English

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