2019/2020 Annual Campaign Results

We are extending a warm Thank You! to the generous contributions of a large percentage of the membership (approximately 63%) along with several non member contributions that has enabled us all together to successfully exceed our budget target of $36,000 . This year we raised $40,000.

The Annual Campaign Committee welcomes any additional contributions from those that did not contribute yet - as everyone knows, we have seen a significant increase in our security costs and remember that any additional contributions will help with these kinds of budget variances with any excess added to our Capital Fund at the end of the year. Thanks again to all contributors, as well as special thanks to the members of the Annual Campaign Committee and the office staff for all of their hard work.The Annual Campaign is one way we help keep dues lower than other local Congregations'.  It allows us to distribute the financial burden voluntarily, to those that may be better able to afford it, in so doing lessening the burden on those who may be less able to do so.  Participating is indeed a mitzvah.  Contributions to the Annual Campaign help to keep the Synagogue financially secure and continue to provide the services for the
community and Congregation , and is sincerely appreciated by all.

-The Annual Campaign Committee
To make a donation call the office 203.799.2341, visit the website, www.orshalomct.org, or send to the office.

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