Shabbat Across America "A Taste of Kugal"

Friday, March 9, 2018, 7pm Shabbat Across America, All Are Welcome to Celebrate Shabbat Across America "A TASTE OF KUGAL !"In the course of the service we'll nibble on a variety of kugels in the Social Hall,as the rabbi explains their history!

Why is Kugel a Jewish and traditional Shabbat food? Why is it called "kugel"? As a child, did you call it "Kigel" or Kugel? Why the different pronunciations? Did you grow up with a "Galicianer" kugel or a "Litvisher" kugel? What's "Jerusalem" kugel? Why are some kugels sweet, while others are savory? It's all food for thought! Come & taste & learn!

Kindly RSVP to the office 203-799-2341 if you are planning on coming.

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