Shabbat Across America "A Taste of Shabbat"

Shabbat Across America, March 3, 2017 All Are Welcome to Celebrate Shabbat Across America "A TASTE OF SHABBAT!" Come to an exciting new "Shabbat Across America" service focusing on: Shabbat foods and their origins! At this service, we'll nibble on a variety of Jewish foods, while the rabbi explains their significance!

Why do we eat Gefilte fish on Shabbat? Why does Tzimmis bring good luck? Why is the deeper meaning of Kugel? What's Kishke? Why is Cholent regarded as Jewish "soul food"? Bring friends, neighbors, co-workers and of course, family. All are welcome. The service begins at 7:00pm - in the Social Hall! We prefer that you RSVP to the office by February 24 at 203-799-2341

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