12th Annual Kristallnacht Program

. What he discovered drove him to feverishly write a report to President Franklin D. Roosevelt titled, "The Acquiescence of This Government in the Murder of the Jews". DuBois then approached his boss, Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, with the words, "...Tell the President that if he doesn't act on this I'm going to resign and release it to the press!" DuBois' scathing report moved President Roosevelt to take personal responsibility for reaching out to the living victims of Nazi persecution. Indeed, upon reading it, the President immediately created a special task force whose mission included "...taking all measures to rescue the victims of enemy oppression who are in danger of death." President Roosevelt called his new task force, "The War Refugee Board". Although it was formed heartbreakingly late in WWII, the War Refugee Board succeeded in alleviating the plight of over a hundred thousand Holocaust victims. Raul Wallenberg, for example, who was commissioned by the War Refugee Board, managed to rescue thousands of Hungarian Jews from the clutches of the Nazi regime.

What was the information discovered by Josiah DuBois that jolted President Roosevelt into making his life-saving decision? Could the President have done more to reach out to the victims of Nazism?

Come, learn and discuss as we honor the conscience and courage of Josiah DuBois at our 12th annual Kristallnacht community commemoration.

The highlight of the morning's program will take place when Mr. Robert DuBois receives a US Senate commendation from Senator Richard Blumenthal on behalf of his late father, Josiah DuBois. Guest speakers will include: Dr. Rebecca Erbelding, author of the new and acclaimed book, "Rescue Board"; Ms. Christy Marella and her 8th graders, creators of the award-winning video, "An American Holocaust Hero;" and Holocaust survivors and their families, rescued by the War Refugee Board.

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