Jewish Teen Education (JTE)

These classes are taught at the JCC of Greater New Haven and are Free to Teen members of Or Shalom!

Spring Schedule

JTE Classes
First Class Period (7-7:50 p.m.)

Jewish Cooking Around the World
Explore new Jewish recipes from communities around the world in the JCC kitchen. Plus, make you and your friends happy as you eat your creations together!

Use Jewish themes as an inspiration for artistic expression. Create beautiful works of art that you, your friends, and your family will love!

Israeli Politics
Israel is poised to hold its 3rd set of elections in the last 12 months. Find out how this political standstill happened, and learn what systems contribute to the political system in Israel.

Judaism and Gender
These classes will use an equity lens to discuss and debate issues related to gender, such as stereotypes and sexism, and connect them to traditional Jewish views on gender.

Jewish Music around the World
Many musicians from around the world have added their melodies and words as interpretations of Jewish texts. Each class we will explore several of these songs and discuss how they connect to the text. We may also work to write our own Jewish music!

Tzedakah MakerSpace
Use your creativity and the resources of the Makerspace to construct item(s) that can help others. Do a good deed while also having fun cutting, glueing, hammering, sawing, and more
Second Class Period (8:10-9 p.m.)

Jewish Cooking around the World
Explore new Jewish recipes from communities around the world in the JCC kitchen. Plus, make you and your friends happy as you eat your creations together!

Unwind after a long day with Jewish yoga. Enrich your body and soul with this active and relaxing class.

Jews in Pop Culture
There are a lot of Jews in the media, from business people, entertainers, politicians, and athletes. Understand how these famous Jews live their public lives and display their Jewish affiliation.

That's right, Jewish + Zoomba = Jewmba. Work out at JTE to high-energy Israeli and Jewish music. Learn some new moves as you move to the groove!

Jewish Text Study
Jews are known as the "people of the book." This class is an opportunity to engage in some learning from one or several of these books! Suggestions welcome for what to study.

Junior/Senior Jewish Leadership & March of the Living (Evan Wyner)
Juniors and Seniors are invited to join in a year-long exploration of leadership and Holocaust studies. As we learn together through debate and discussion, we will address what it means to be a leader in high school, in college, at work, and in the community. Specifically, we will consider how our Judaism affects our leadership and what our responsibility as Jews is to the general community, the Jewish community, and the broader world. Participants will experience leadership opportunities in the fall as we visit the United Nations and the ADL offices in NYC. Throughout the year, the course will intertwine the March of the Living Holocaust studies curriculum, our responsibilities as Jewish leaders to "Never forget" and culminate with a trip to Poland and Israel on the "March of the Living."

*The cost for the March of the Living is NOT included and the program fees; participants in the full-year program will be eligible for grants toward fees.

Classes are Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m.
Students elect two classes per semester.
The first class period is 7-7:50 p.m.
The second class period is 8:10-9 p.m.

No Classes:
February 18 (Presiden't Day)
March 24 (Optional special program)
April 7 (Optional special program)
April 14 (Pesach)

Special Programs:
Janaury 21: First day of semester
March 24: Optional (No regular classes)
March 29: Taste of Limmud- Jewish Life and Learning Festival (Sunday program)
April 7: Optional (No regular classes)
April 21: Giving Circle
April 29: Yom Haatzmaut
May 12: End of semseter party

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