Spiritual Closeness in a time of Social Distancing

Dear Members,

Again and again these days, we hear the words: "We'll get through it together." But within those reassuring words lies a fundamental paradox: The way we hope to "get though it" is by being apart! That is, the way we hope to survive is by NOT being together! And so, at a time of heightened anxiety and worry, when we are most in need of friendship and community, we must practice social distancing!

Or must we? Can we be emotionally and spiritually close while being physically apart?

Thankfully, the modern gift of electronic communication provides us with a powerful answer to this question. Through the miracle of video technology, more and more communities - specifically, religious communities - have found that they are able to stay connected. And we at Congregation Or Shalom are about to do the same!  We'll use a remote conferencing services company called Zoom Video Communications to broadcast an essential Shabbat morning service!

So join us!

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Wainhaus

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